Community Rural Casa do Caminho is a non-profit association that since 1982 until March 2014, held as his main work, the care of children and adolescents at social risk. Casa do Caminho, HOUSE NO MORE CHILDREN OR YOUNG.

Casa do Caminho today develops the social project "Education Without Borders" project of non-formal education in the region of Xerém that supports local schools and regional community through educational activities, and sports cultuareis partner.

 Casa do Caminho Orphanages Educacao sem Fronteiras
Casa do Caminho is a non-profit organisation with the objective to help children in vulnerable poor conditions and to develop social, educational and cultural projects to help offer them a better future.
Educação Sem Fronteiras is a social project in the rural community and municipal schools Xerém to provide and develop an alternative option for free education.

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